Hot Rolled Steel

MST Steel Carries The Following Types Of Hot Rolled Steel

Common Applications for Hot Rolled Steel

○ Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes
○ Furniture
○ Desks
○ Filing Cabinets
○ Tables
○ Chairs
○ Computer Cabinet and Hardware
○ Home Appliances and Components
○ Shelving
○ Hinges
○ Tubing
○ Steel Drums
○ Lawn Mowers
○ Electronic Cabinetry
○ Lighting Fixtures
○ Water Heaters
○ Metal Containers
○ Construction Vehicles & Equipment

Industries Using Hot Rolled Steel

○ Automotive
○ Furniture
○ Construction
○ Home Improvement
○ Public Safety
○ Education
○ Manufacturing
○ Agriculture
○ Plumbing

Our Mills

○ Produce steel to meet the strictest chemistry and dimensional requirements
○ Use state-of-the-art technology to ensure product consistency from us to you
○ Make HSLA steel to provide extra strength to even the heaviest loads
○ Minimize impurities by monitoring the temperature of the steel from start-to-finish
○ Create only the best steel for first-rate machinability

More Information

What is Hot Rolled Steel?

Hot rolled steel is derived from the temperature of the alloy when it is rolled into a sheet. Hot rolled steel is steel that has been heated above its recrystalization point and is pushed between two rollers to meet a certain length and thickness. This allows for the steel to be more ductile and flexible.

Other Metals

While Hot Rolled Steel can be crafted into more designs than Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel is not as strong as cold roled steel. If extra strength is desired, Cold Rolled Steel may be a better option.Galvanized steel is also available for corrosion resistance.If corrosion resistance, strength, and ductility is what a project needs, Galvannealed Steel is the alloy that covers all three.

Hot vs. Cold Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel has the ability to be formed into many more shapes than cold rolled steel, as the heat improves the alloys ductility. Just as cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel can be formed into cylinders, squares, and flat sheets. Unlike cold rolled steel however, hot rolled steel can be sculpted into square and cylindrical tubes, treaded plates, cross sections, and even wire mesh.