Electro Galvanized Steel

MST Steel Carries The Following Types Of Electro Galvanized Steel

Common Applications for Electro Galvanized Steel

○ Truck Frames
○ Automotive Wheels
○ Pipe and Tubular
○ Water Heaters
○ Agriculture Equipment
○ Strappings
○ Stampings
○ Compressor Shells
○ Railcar Components
○ Wheel Rims
○ Metal Buildings
○ Railroad Hopper Cars
○ Doors
○ Shelving
○ Discs
○ Guard Rails
○ Automotive Clutch Plates

Industries Using Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

○ Automotive
○ Agriculture
○ Construction
○ Aerospace
○ Manufacturing
○ Plumbing
○ Railroad

Our Mills

○ Produce steel to meet the strictest chemistry and dimensional requirements
○ Use state-of-the-art technology to ensure product consistency from us to you
○ Make HSLA steel to provide extra strength to even the heaviest loads
○ Minimize impurities by monitoring the temperature of the steel from start-to-finish
○ Create only the best steel for first-rate machinability

More Information

How Electro Galvanized Steel is Made
Electro galvanized steel is made when Zinc is electroplated to steel; this process is also known as Zinc plating. Similar to galvannealed steel and galvanized steel, the Zinc provides protection against corrosion. Electro galvanized steel is also strong, as it is almost always made from cold rolled steel. It is important to note that because Zinc is electroplated to the steel the Zinc coating will be thinner than that of hot dipped steel and may not last as long in harsh environments, but is also lighter than hot dipped galvanized steel.

Other Metals

What makes electrogalvanized steel different then hot dipped galvanized steel is that the Zinc coating is so tightly bound to the steel beneath it that it resists flaking or chipping in even the most stressful tasks.If a project requires extremely light weight galvanized steel than electro galvanized steel is the best solution, however if the steel will be in corrosive environments for extended periods of time, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel may be the better solution. If extra strength is all that is needed Cold Rolled Steel is a better solution.