Cold Rolled Steel

MST Steel Carries The Following Types Of Cold Rolled Steel

Common Applications for Cold Rolled Steel

○ Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes
○ Furniture
○ Desks
○ Filing Cabinets
○ Tables
○ Chairs
○ Computer Cabinet and Hardware
○ Home Appliances and Components
○ Shelving
○ Hinges
○ Tubing
○ Steel Drums
○ Lawn Mowers
○ Electronic Cabinetry
○ Lighting Fixtures
○ Water Heaters
○ Metal Containers
○ Construction Vehicles & Equipment

Industries Using Cold Rolled Steel

○ Automotive
○ Furniture
○ Construction
○ Home Improvement
○ Public Safety
○ Education
○ Manufacturing
○ Agriculture
○ Plumbing

Our Mills

○ Provide excellent thickness and flatness tolerances
○ has excellent surface finish and press formability
○ manufacture low and ultra-low-carbon grade steel
○ Produce HSLA steel for extra strength control
○ Create only the best steel for first-rate machinability

More Information

What is Cold Rolled Steel?

Cold rolled steel is the outcome of steel that has been flattened between rollers below its recrystalization temperature, usually at room temperature. Cold rolling steel allows for the alloy to be stronger by increasing its strain hardness. Cold rolled steel is usually shorter and denser than hot rolled steel, and is therefore more often compared to the strength of hot rolled stock.

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Industries Served

Cold roll steel is used many industries in today's globally connected world. The Automotive industry is one of the largest consumers of cold rolled steel. The Furniture industry is another large consumer of cold rolled steel. Many people will also find cold rolled steel used throughout Lawn Care industries, Home Improvement industries, and plumbing industries. All of these industries rely on ultrahigh quality steel to craft their respective products, which is why MST Steel only sells the highest quality cold rolled steel.