Galvanized steel emerges as a superior material choice within the industrial sector, garnering widespread acclaim from both engineers and business leaders. This steel variant is lauded for its array of benefits, which are crucial for a myriad of industrial uses. Here are the five primary advantages that galvanized steel offers.
Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Galvanized steel is designed to endure severe environmental challenges. Its zinc coating acts as a formidable defense, safeguarding the steel beneath from the detrimental effects of corrosion and rust. This characteristic ensures its longevity and reliability, particularly in projects that come into contact with moisture, chemicals, or…

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From 40% Scrap to Scrap Free

An MST Steel customer was using a roll former resulting in 40% of the material needing to be reworked or scrapped altogether. Unknown to the customer, the martensitic CR1500T/1200Y steel they were using creates quench pockets, deforming their metal.

The customer called us, asking for our help. We quickly determined the process employed to make the square tubing was creating quench pockets. Reviewing the costumers metal forming process, we created a permanent solution using our shape correction rolling mills, allowing for an improvement in the shape of the square tubing, but also an elimination of all metal scrap and rework.

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Optimal Steel Conditions

An Automotive Stamper was using Hot Dipped Galvanized CR780T/420Y 60G60G Steel from a local supplier, and noticed that the metal was resistant to the stamping process. This restricted the Stamper from creating the complex shapes required by their customers. The stamper was also using MST Steel as a supplier for other types of steel, knew we have worked with many domestic and overseas business concerning Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel.

They asked us to perform a part evaluation of our Hot Dipped Galvanized Steels and recommend the best steel for their stamping process. After performing our evaluation we suggested a high-forming…

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Meeting Narrow Deadlines

An MST Steel customer called in panic on a Saturday morning. The day before they were supposed to receive a resupply of steel from a local resupply company, however their delivery never arrived. The customer creates automotive products using assembly lines, and were closing some of their assembly lines if they did not have parts to ship out by their deadline in the afternoon of the same day.

MST Steel was able to prioritize the processing of the steel the customer required, shipping it to them where it arrived early on that Saturday afternoon. The customer was then able to successfully produce…

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The Science Behind Aluminized Steel: How Does It Resist High Temperatures?

Aluminized steel, a remarkable material gaining prominence in various industrial applications, owes its exceptional resistance to high temperatures to a well-crafted metallurgical composition. Understanding the science behind this heat-resistant wonder can shed light on its wide-ranging uses and advantages.

At its core, aluminized steel consists of a base steel substrate coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy layer. This unique combination forms the foundation of its heat-resistant properties. The aluminum-silicon coating creates a protective barrier, effectively shielding the underlying steel from extreme temperatures.

The science lies in the properties of aluminum and silicon. Aluminum boasts outstanding heat reflectivity, efficiently bouncing off radiant heat….

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Hot-Dip Galvanization Process: How Does It Work and Why Is It Superior?

  • August 25, 2023
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Hot-dip galvanization is a widely acclaimed process for enhancing steel’s corrosion resistance and extending its lifespan. Understanding how this process works and why it is superior is crucial for industries seeking durable and reliable solutions.

The hot-dip galvanization process involves immersing steel components in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of approximately 450 °C (842 °F). During this immersion, a metallurgical bond forms between the zinc and the steel, resulting in the creation of a robust zinc-steel alloy coating on the surface. This coating acts as a formidable shield, safeguarding the underlying steel from corrosive elements in its…

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Hot-dipped galvanized steel is a proven champion when it comes to providing exceptional corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance in a wide range of applications. This specialized form of steel undergoes a unique process that involves immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc, forming a metallurgical bond that creates a powerful protective barrier against rust and environmental elements.
One of the key advantages of hot-dipped galvanized steel lies in its ability to withstand harsh conditions and protect against corrosion…

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